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5 myths about employee experience [White Paper]

Enhancing employee experience has been a subject at the heart of company strategies in recent years. But what does it really mean? Is it just a fad, or does it mean a real change?

To answer these questions, we went over 5 myths about employee experience with the help of 5 human resources experts:


Multitasking: Friend or Foe to Productivity ?

Let’s talk about “multitasking,” or the art of doing multiple things at once. While some people are simply unable to do so, others excel at it. The question is, does juggling multiple tasks at once really help you be more productive?

The art of multitasking

Imagine answering the phone while working on a presentation and looking at multiple web pages at once…We have all multi-tasked at some point or another! According the American Psychological Association(APA),, which studied the subject, there are three kinds of multitasking:

Time Management

Agenda panic: Rendez-vous Nightmares

Today there’s panic on the Julie Desk Blog: all your worst agenda nightmares have set up meetings (Please note the dazzling wordplay) to properly celebrate Halloween.

Warning: Certain images risk injuring the sensibilities of young people or those who remain unwarned.

1. Organizing meetings with people with overbooked agendas

Bullet Journal vs M3 Journal

The bullet journal is often presented as a revolutionary time management method, but come the new year, it will have a worthy new adversary: the M3 journal. Even though both journals aim to accomplish the task of saving user time, they’re quite different. So when it comes down to Bullet Journal VS M3 Journal, which is better?

Le Bullet Journal : an organisational tool

Halfway between an agenda, a personal journal and a To-Do list, the Bullet Journal was designed in 2013 by a man named Ryder Carroll.


Productivity in the digital era

Companies are always looking to gain in efficiency, increase productivity and improve employee performance. In the past, presenteeism and long hours on nights and weekends allowed workers do more work. But that’s all changed. In the digital era, thanks to the rise of all kinds of useful tools and solutions, it is now possible to better manage one’s time at work while remaining efficient. These new tools optimize your workday and represent a real game changer in company productivity.

Cloud and SaaS systems are one solution

In recent years, the cloud has made its appearance at a number of companies and has spread like wildfire.

ProductivityTime Management

The right tools to automate your professional tasks

Thankless, repetitive tasks can make you lose motivation at work. When you’re unable to concentrate on what really matters, it’s normal to feel like you’re losing valuable time. Here are some tools to automate some of those repetitive work tasks!

Automating tasks : a major challenge for employers and employees alike

A study published this year by ServiceNow revealed that 1 in 2 French companies need a higher level of automation to cope with the volume of tasks generated from now until 2018. According to the study, this percentage will reach 86% by 2020.