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10 Artificial Intelligence influencers you should follow!

Due to recent major technological developments, Artificial Intelligence is evolving at an exponential rate. It is even considered to be the technology of the future. But the truth is, it is already present in our everyday lives: fraud detection, purchase predictions on e-commerce sites, videos games and virtual personal assistants like our favorite one, Julie.

In case you still don’t fully understand what it entails or want to know more about AI, here is a list of 10 Artificial Intelligence experts and influencers who specialized in Artificial Intelligence and related fields and who share their knowledge on the subject area or just keep you up to date with the latest developments.

Tamara Mc Cleary - AI influencer 1. Tamara McCleary @TamaraMcCleary

CEO of Thulium, an Influencer Marketing Agency and International branding expert, Tamara McCleary also specializes in Business experiences in IoT, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Wearables, FinTech and Artificial Intelligence, to name a few. She was ranked one of the Top 50 Digital Transformation Influencers by Onalytica in their 2016 analysis.

Jim Harris - AI influencer 2. Jim Harris @JimHarris

Jim Harris is a bestselling Author and Speaker who specializes in Disruptive Innovation. He is a consultant for businesses and he helps them adapt to new disruptive technologies and gain engagement from their employees. His book “Blindsided: How to Spot the Next Breakthrough That Will Change Your Business” is a #1 international bestseller and is destined to help companies navigate through change. He is also a Keynote speaker and has a very interesting talk on how Disruptive Innovation turns Industries Upside down in which he states: “The same way we need to profoundly change to save our planet is the same way we need to profoundly change to to save our businesses”.


Andrew Ng - AI influencer 3. Andrew Ng @AndrewYNg

Co-founder & Chairman of Coursera and Chief Scientist at Baidu Research in Silicon Valley, Andrew Ng focuses his research on Machine Learning and Deep Learning. He has participated in the publications of numerous articles and papers on machine learning, robotics and related fields. He also offers a Machine Learning course on his free e-learning platform, that he teaches himself.

Mike Tamir - AI Influencer 4. Mike Tamir @MikeTamir

Mike Tamir calls himself a Data science leader, specializing in deep learning and machine learning. He works at the Berkeley faculty and he is also the Chief Data Scientist at the software company Takt to help companies deliver tailored experiences to their consumers.

Kirk Borne - AI Influencer 5. Kirk Borne @KirkDBorne

Kirk Borne is Data Scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton, a Strategy and Technology consulting company. He is also an Astrophysicist and a Space Scientist. He specializes in Big Data, Machine Learning an IOT. He has been ranked on several top Big Data and Machine learning lists since 2014 and he is the co-creator of a new field called Astroinformatics.

Craig Brown - AI Influencer 6. Dr. Craig Brown @craigbrownphd

Dr. Craig Brown is Tech & Business Consultant and a Big Data experts. He is the CEO of STEM Resource Partners and works diligently to increase the use of natural everyday language in technical fields to help facilitate the conversation between Tech companies and professionals. He is also a mentor and the author of the book “Untapped Potential – The Supreme Partnership of Self”. On his website, he shares articles that range from Internet of Things to Machine Learning and Big Data.

Lillian Pierson - AI Influencer 7. Lillian Pierson @BigDataGal

Data Scientist and Engineer, Lilian Pierson is a Social influencer and an expert in Big Data. Through her education outlet company Data-Mania, she works with professionals and students to help them develop the data skills necessary to stay competitive with today’s data-driven economy.  She is the author of 3 technical books including Data Science for Dummies and she writes courses for LinkedIn and  

Xavier Amatriain - AI Influencer 8. Xavier Amatriain @xamat

Leading Engineer at, Xavier Amatrian works on data mining, software engineering, machine learning and innovation. He is the author of numerous books, papers, journals and has spoken at countless conferences. One of those talks includes his talk on Machine learning applications for growing knowledge at Quora at the Machine Learning Conference 2016 in Seattle, USA.  

Rebecca Fiebrink - AI Influencer9. Rebecca Fiebrink @RebeccaFiebrink

Rebecca Friebrink is a professor in Computing at Goldsmiths, University of London in the UK. She works on developing new technologies in human-machine interactions. She also focuses on making machine learning more usable. She has developed the Wekinator, a software that uses supervised learning algorithms to create new instruments and systems able to respond to actions. She presented the Wekinator software at the Music Tech Festival in 2015 in London.

Martin Ford - AI Influencer10. Martin Ford @MFordFuture

Martin Ford is the author of the bestselling books “Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless future” and “The Lights in the Tunnel: Automation, Accelerating Technology and the Economy of the Future”. He is also the founder of a software development company in Silicon Valley. He specializes in Artificial Intelligence and robots and regularly shares articles on those subject matters on his blog and on LinkedIn.

This was a random selection made in no particular order. Feel free to share your favorite AI experts and influencers with us!

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