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What if Artificial Intelligence could boost the economy? [Study]

AI will destroy jobs, robots will replace humans … That’s what we often hear when we talk about the evolution of AI and the rise of robots. But what if Artificial Intelligence could actually boost the economy?

We recently conducted a study with Censuswide and asked around 1000 British citizens how they felt about AI and its impact on the automation of their calendar management tasks. One interesting thing to notice is that 47% of professionals in the UK would be interested in using Artificial Intelligence powered assistants to gain time. And how would they spend the time they saved? By going shopping or making love! Great news, right?

Let’s dig into the results.

Study-UK Artificial Intelligence and Britain

Too many time-consuming tasks

At Julie Desk, we noticed that professionals spend a lot of time on repetitive and time-consuming tasks and our recent study confirmed it. Indeed, 46% of the respondents claim to spend 2 hours and more per week on managing their emails, 24% on managing their calendar and 18% on organizing work meetings.

Study UK time-consuming tasks

Repetitive tasks are part of every job but it’s essential for productivity to automate as many as possible, as showed in another study: “Evolution of Work: The Changing Nature of the Goal Workplace”

Repetitive tasks lead to frequent mistakes

It’s proven: the more you get bored, the less you pay attention! 57% of the respondents tend to make mistakes when managing their agenda and scheduling meetings:

  •   79% forget appointments,
  •   41% double book themselves
  •   40% forget to cancel plans

Study UK mistakes in managing the agenda

Looking for a better-balanced life

Delegating and automating these tasks helps avoid those frequent mistakes and focus on things that really matter: either on a professional or personal level.

Saving time on repetitive tasks doesn’t necessarily mean working more. It’s actually the opposite. A balanced life is key to being productive.

With the help of AI, people would spend the time they saved on personal activities such as taking care of their families (24%), shopping (21%), making love (20%) or taking a bath (22% – although we do not recommend it as it’s bad for the environment) 😉 

A great opportunity for the United Kingdom to boost its economy or to beat France and Germany even faster on the population race!

studyuk-activities for an extra hour a day

AI-based virtual assistants: a core subject in 2017

47% of respondents see AI-based virtual assistants as a way to gain time.

Especially on these tasks:

  •   Answering/Managing emails – 56%
  •   Scheduling Meetings – 50%
  •   Booking Travel Tickets – 49%

This proportion is even higher if we focus on people between the ages of 25 and 34: 61% of them would trust AI to help them save time compared to only 35% for the 55+ year-olds.

Study UK - trust AI

Willing to spend more time shopping,  making love, cooking or reading? Stop the never-ending and non-productive to-do list and just get some help! 2017 might be the perfect time to start a free trial with Julie Desk, don’t you think?

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