Lena Meynard, Author at Julie Desk

Multitasking: Friend or Foe to Productivity ?

Let’s talk about “multitasking,” or the art of doing multiple things at once. While some people are simply unable to do so, others excel at it. The question is, does juggling multiple tasks at once really help you be more productive?

The art of multitasking

Imagine answering the phone while working on a presentation and looking at multiple web pages at once…We have all multi-tasked at some point or another! According the American Psychological Association(APA),, which studied the subject, there are three kinds of multitasking:


Bullet Journal vs M3 Journal

The bullet journal is often presented as a revolutionary time management method, but come the new year, it will have a worthy new adversary: the M3 journal. Even though both journals aim to accomplish the task of saving user time, they’re quite different. So when it comes down to Bullet Journal VS M3 Journal, which is better?

Le Bullet Journal : an organisational tool

Halfway between an agenda, a personal journal and a To-Do list, the Bullet Journal was designed in 2013 by a man named Ryder Carroll.

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The right tools to automate your professional tasks

Thankless, repetitive tasks can make you lose motivation at work. When you’re unable to concentrate on what really matters, it’s normal to feel like you’re losing valuable time. Here are some tools to automate some of those repetitive work tasks!

Automating tasks : a major challenge for employers and employees alike

A study published this year by ServiceNow revealed that 1 in 2 French companies need a higher level of automation to cope with the volume of tasks generated from now until 2018. According to the study, this percentage will reach 86% by 2020.

Future of Work

More than remuneration: How to enhance employee experience to build loyalty?

A 2015 survey conducted by OpinionWay revealed that one in two French salaried workers dream about leaving their company and that half of the time, they would leave for a salary raise. In light of these results, one question deserves to be asked: is it really possible to enhance employee experience and build loyalty in ways other than simply giving them more money?

Employee loyalty: a major issue for companies

A successful employee experience proves that building loyalty and trust with employees is worth a company’s time.. Why? Good employee experience is good for both your business and your brand.

Time Management

How to Manage a Manager’s Agenda

Whether he works in a startup or an SME, a manager rarely has a moment to himself. To accomplish everything his job requires, he’ll need to manage his time in a smart way. Here are a few solutions to help manage a manager’s agenda more efficiently.

The Key Role of an Assistant

An article published in LesEchos Business (in French) entitled: “Manager's assistant, a strategic asset for a company," argued that polyvalent assistants “contribute enormously to the productivity of employers and to a company’s organization.” The job has certainly evolved in the last few decades! 80% of assistants surveyed by the French group Cegos observatory in 2015 believed their job was essential to their company.

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How to plan one’s agenda to be more productive

Whether your business is big or small or whether you’re an employee or an employer, keeping a tidy agenda is more important than ever to save time and in turn increase productivity.

“Man’s most prudent counselor is time.” Publilius Syrus

People who feel the hours slipping through their fingers all wish they could just stop time. But even if it feels like time is moving inexorably forward and work just keeps piling up, it's still possible to beat it by getting organized. Keeping an agenda (paper/digital) is essential to staying organized. You can plan tasks and have an overview of the things you have to take care of. Moreover, with an organized agenda, you can protect your busy mental space from the stress and uncertainty that comes with not being able to anticipate work.