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Automating your appointment taking – the testimonial of Marc Laurent

Marc Laurent is a founding partner of Kerala Ventures, a venture capital investment fund launched in 2015 which supports start-ups who are in their very first months of life.

Marc has been using Julie Desk for almost 2 years and can no longer do without it: “I have between 8 and 10 appointments a day and Julie Desk saves me a lot of time by organizing them for me!

Kerala Ventures is a fund that invests in very few start-ups per year, (just 4 to 5), in order to be able to offer them highly operational support: “We do a lot of the recruiting for our start-ups,” explains Marc.

With 2 recruitment interviews per day, Marc had to think about setting up a process to save time. The solution? He copies Julie Desk on automatic emails sent to candidates that Marc would like to meet! He set up the process combining Julie Desk and Zapier to make sure that appointments with high-potential candidates for their startups are well planned, without wasting time organizing them.

Check out Marc’s experience:

And to go further, download the full case study of Julie Desk’s implementation at Kerala Ventures.

Read the case study Julie Desk and Kerala Ventures

As Marc says: For all those who like to organize their own meetings, fine, continue! For the rest of you, there’s Julie Desk!”

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