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How to maximize efficiency during meeting scheduling: Withings case study

Created in 2008, the consumer electronics company Withings is specialized in Health-related connected objects.

Withings connected objects

Alexis Normand is the Healthcare Development Director at Withings, leader in Health-related connected objects. His interlocutors are mainly professionals: companies, doctors/hospitals, researchers, with whom he wants to develop the use of connected objects.

Finding an effective and trustworthy solution to manage the calendar

Interpersonal relationships are at the heart of Alexis’ activity. He is constantly in meetings with various actors of the Health ecosystem. “Appointment scheduling is a repetitive and tedious activity. We spend hours verifying availabilities, juggling between various emails to find a time slot suitable for everyone, canceling or postponing appointments. Basically, it’s a real puzzle that I needed to liberate myself from.”

Get rid of it? Yes, but not anyhow! It is important for Alexis to maintain a relationship with his various interlocutors and mismanaging his meetings , with repetitive errors could have a very bad impact on these relationships. This explains his wish to find a successful and trustworthy solution to handle this time-consuming and repetitive task. “I don’t have an assistant, and I didn’t wish to hire one just to schedule my appointments; it’s a task that no human can add value to. If I hired an assistant, it would be to help me on other matters.”

When he discovered Julie, Alexis was seduced by its simplicity of use, “In just 5 minutes, I created my account on the website and I could immediately start testing it out. I’ve been using Julie for a year now and I trust her completely.”

Julie, a real “Business Assistant”

In addition to the undeniable time gain for Alexis, Julie also allows him to book more meetings and handle them more efficiently. A real advantage for his business!

At the beginning of his collaboration with Julie, Alexis defined his preferences for his appointment scheduling, especially the ideal duration for each type of appointment: for example, 20 mins for a call. Therefore, every time Julie has to schedule a call for Alexis, she automatically books a 20 minutes time slot. This way, his schedule is not booked for the classic 1 hour time slot that usually doesn’t last more than 20 minutes.

“Using Julie allows me to structure and organize my calendar better. At the end of the day, I can interact with more people and I am more efficient.”

Contrary to other solutions available on the market that invite interlocutors to click on an automatic link to schedule a meeting, Julie allows you to maintain the exchange and relationships with Alexis’ contacts. “Putting a virtual assistant in the loop adds a warm style, it creates a bond with my contacts. And I’ve noticed that everybody is very nice and polite to Julie; there is a mysterious side to the Artificial Intelligence, people prefer not to cross her because you never know!” 😉

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