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Julie, an international virtual assistant!

Michael Ferranti is the Marketing VP of a software company specialized in Container Data Management. 

Michael is based in France but his work demands constant traveling. An effective management of his calendar is, therefore, a real challenge, especially if he has to take into account all different time zones.

International Coordination at stake!

“I travel intensively and managing my meetings scheduling process while taking into account different time zones is a real nightmare!”

When Michael heard about Julie via Twitter (not following us yet? it’s @juliedesk), he started testing out the solution. “I was a little skeptical at first; could an AI really provide a personal experience?

With the free trial period offered by Julie Desk, Michael could see for himself and approve of the pertinence and quality of the service. “I’ve been using the service for almost 2 years now and I have complete trust in Julie. When I send her a request, I know it will be handled properly and I will not be disappointed with the final result.” 

Incidentally, during an email conversation, Michael had the chance to compare Julie’s efficiency with that of a competitor’s virtual agent used by his interlocutor and it strengthened his trust in Julie: “I indicated my availabilities but my interlocutor’s virtual assistant kept suggesting time slots that did not match!”

A very positive return on investment

By delegating his meeting scheduling to Julie, Michael saves some precious time. “Scheduling meetings based on different time zones is an extremely time consuming task. With about 15 appointments every week, I used to spend half a day on this low value added task.”

This time gain has a direct impact on Michael Ferranti’s operational efficiency, who can now focus on more important tasks. Besides, it also has an impact on the business: Michael can now meet with more people! “I used to miss a lot of appointments because I didn’t have the time to schedule them. Today, I just CC Julie and she takes it from there.” The return on investment is very positive for Michael. In addition to Julie’s efficiency, he also appreciates the solution’s global experience:  “it’s easy to get attached to Julie ;)”

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