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No more running after time: Kima Ventures’s case study!

Jean de la Rochebrochard is a key player in the startup ecosystem. Since 2015, he has been a Partner at Kima Ventures, an “investment vehicle”, founded by Xavier Niel and which specializes in the investment of startups. To this date, Kima Ventures has more than 500 startups in its portfolio and invests in about 100 startups every year.

Meetings form an important process for VCs and Jean used to spend a lot of time arranging meetings and attending them. It was very time-consuming.

“I used to spent a lot of time organizing my agenda, suggesting availabilities, answering and confirming them. That was a useless noise that I wanted to eliminate.”

In order to meet new potential clients and also tend to the 500 startups already in their portfolio, Jean needed to find an effective solution to help manage his calendar so that he could focus on multiplying encounters with key players in the ecosystem. After already trying other solutions, he knew exactly what he wanted. Once he discovered Julie Desk, he found the most effective solution to his problems.

“With Julie, my interlocutors’ habits are not turned upside down!”

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