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Happy New Year 2017! (Infographics)

I hope you enjoyed your holiday celebrations with your family and friends. May the new year lead to the achievement of all your goals, both personal and professional.   2016 was the year for the launch of chatbots for Facebook and the development of many companies in this conversational economy...

5 Tim Ferriss podcasts you should listen to! (Part 1)

In recent years, podcasts have become increasingly popular and the topics covered vary greatly. There is a large number of podcasts that discuss the subject of productivity and efficiency like the Tim Ferriss Show. The Tim Ferriss Show is a weekly podcast hosted by, well, Tim Ferriss of course! We...
Case StudyProductivity

How to maximize efficiency during meeting scheduling: Withings case study

Created in 2008, the consumer electronics company Withings is specialized in Health-related connected objects. Alexis Normand is the Healthcare Development Director at Withings, leader in Health-related connected objects. His interlocutors are mainly professionals: companies, doctors/hospitals, researchers, with whom he wants to develop the use of connected objects.
Artificial Intelligence

How to build Empathy in AI?

The evolution of AI lead to interesting and passionate debates. One of the questions, I am often asked, I will try to answer is : How will Virtual Assistants impact the Internet and, on a larger scale, Society as a whole? First, it’s important to define what we mean when we...