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The Cobots are coming!

Thanks to the latest development in materials and software, a new generation of easy to use, polyvalent and collaborative robots are transforming numerous sectors. The creation of the world’s first robotics company dates back to 1962. Founded by the engineers Georges Devol and Joseph Engelberger, Unimation produced giant industrial robotic...

What is an agile company?

Agility has been the subject of numerous theories, publications and conferences for several years. The concept was historically created during a gathering of software development experts in 2001. They explain the ins and outs of what we know as « agile » through a founding document called the "agile manifesto",...

The Chief Happiness Officer’s job is on a roll

The Chief Happiness Officer is responsible for happiness at work and is becoming increasingly popular at French Companies. The role involves improving the employee experience by helping them feel more fulfilled in their work. But what exactly does that entail? What’s a Chief Happiness Officer?