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Julie, an assistant for lawyers [case study]

The Omer Cabinet is a law firm specialized in online divorce proceedings. This firm aims to be a simple, quick and cost-effective alternative, offering a fixed price approach to avoid hidden costs. Through an online platform, clients manage the entirety of their divorce proceedings.

“By founding this firm, I wanted to offer an alternative to the usual divorce proceedings and therefore facilitate the different stages of the process for our clients” The platform offers a true online customer area where the customers can follow in real time and with full transparency the ongoing process of their cases of divorce by mutual consent.

Automating appointment taking to avoid wasting time

Romain Omer, founder of the firm, wanted to enrich his service and optimize the customer experience by offering them the possibility to book physical or virtual appointments with their lawyer directly on their customer area.

“Previously, a physical meeting was planned prior to the court audience and that was it. I want to allow our clients to schedule several meetings with their lawyers straight from their user platform”.

He wanted to offer this service on the platform quickly and without going through complicated developments. With their lawyers having very busy agendas, he did not wish for them to waste time scheduling meetings themselves either.

“I wished to propose appointments to my clients before the drafting of their legal proceedings as a way to maximize contact between the clients and their lawyer. Seeing the number of clients that we have each month, scheduling those appointments ourselves was not practicable; too time-consuming”

Julie Desk serving lawyers at the Omer Cabinet

“Setting up Julie was extremely simple. All you need to do is enter your contact information, give access to your calendar and define your preferences in terms of scheduling. It is a turnkey solution that quickly allowed me to offer a new service to my clients.”

The trial enabled Romain to measure the positive impact of this new service: “On average, we have about 50 appointment requests to process daily! Imagine all the time we would waste if we had to plan them ourselves!”

The objective of the firm was to enrich the customer experience and the interaction with a virtual assistant was well received. “Julie reassures in the appointment scheduling process, our clients have the impression that there really is someone on the other side of the conversation. Many clients have even asked for her!”

According to Romain Omer, Julie Desk is a solution that corresponds perfectly to the activities of law professionals, because they are busy or have outside business appointments on the regular.

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