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Julie, an assistant for all VC! [case study ]

In 2013, François Paulus, Maximilien Bacot et Benoît Marrel co-founded Breega Capital, a European investment fund destined to help finances startups in the digital economy.

The time dedicated to the ecosystem is a key resource for investment funds, in particular Breega Capital that operates as a real partner rather than a simple financier. Hence, the challenge for Benoit and his team to find a solution that allows them to optimize their time management and become more efficient.   

Being a Venture Capitalist implies scheduling several appointments with people external to the company and scheduling these appointments themselves can quickly become extremely tedious.

“I would rather spend my time meeting and exchanging with entrepreneurs and actors in our ecosystem than doing repetitive, time-consuming and non-value adding tasks such as appointment scheduling.”

The different solutions available for appointment booking and calendar management did not meet Benoit Marrel and his associates’ expectations; they were too constraining. When Benoit discovered Julie Desk, he was seduced by the concept and wanted to try the solution.

“The advantage of Julie is that it’s completely seamless: you just need to send an email.”

Download the complete and find out how Julie saved time and helped the team of Breega Capital become more efficient 

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