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Julie, a sales assistant for consultants! [case study]

In 2014, Christophe Amouroux created Twelve Consulting, an independent consulting firm, specialized in digital transformation strategies in the Banking, Insurance and Health sectors.  

“Our objective is to help our customers define and implement their digital strategies in the aim of delivering the best possible experience to their clients.”

Optimizing time management is a challenge for us all, but it can be even more critical for consultants who have to deal with multiple matters simultaneously (clients, missions, partners…)

“As CEO of Twelve Consulting, my job is to spend as much time as possible with my teams and my clients and for that, I need to free my schedule of all low value-added tasks.”

Constantly monitoring the latest technological developments that could improve customer experience for their clients, Christophe Amouroux has to position Artificial Intelligence at the heart of Twelve Consulting’s subject matters. That is how they discovered the Julie Desk service and Christophe started to try it out.

“This trial helped me confirm that Julie really met my expectations. I found that this approach was very relevant and promising”

Download the complete case study and discover how Julie succeeded in maximizing Twelve Consulting’s operational and commercial efficiencies

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