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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started with Julie

Why would I need Julie?

Julie is a virtual assistant who speaks English and French. With Julie, you will be able to schedule meetings very quickly. Cc Julie in your emails, she will communicate with your contacts and find the best common slot for you all, freeing you from the annoying back and forth. You will save up to half a day each week.

Does she answer quickly?

Julie works 24/7. We guarantee she will answer in less than 2 hours, but know that it takes her in average 20 minutes.

What calendar types can Julie handle?

Julie is compatible with Google Calendar, iCloud, Office365, Exchange.

Does Julie manage all the situations?

To guarantee a first-class quality service, Julie is supervised by a human operator. Thus, Julie is able to understand even the most complex tasks, and to adapt her answers to every situation.

Scheduling with Julie

How can I work with Julie?

It is really simple: just cc Julie in an email conversation and specify what you expect from her - eg. “Julie, my assistant in cc, will find the best time for us to meet next week”. If you have a specific request concerning your calendar, you can also send her an email specifying your request.

What happen if I can't attend a meeting?

Send an email to Julie and she will cancel or postpone your meetings.

Can I see emails Julie sends to my contacts?

Of course. For transparency matters, you will be in cc of all emails Julie sends to your contacts.

How to speak to Julie?

Julie uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) so you don't need to adapt your language. She understands and speaks in English and French. In case she has a doubt, human operator will take over.

Julie for you and your company

How do I set Julie up?

Nothing to download or install: When subscribing, you will be able to specify all you working habits: working hours, favorite places for lunch or coffee, your meetings default durations, potential free time between appointments, having calls in the morning calls rather than in the afternoon, etc. You can always change your preferences by sending an email to Julie.

Furthermore, you specify Julie many information to communicate to your contacts: office address, phone or confcall number, etc.

Can Julie handle different time zones?

Yes she can. When specified, Julie takes into account your contacts time zones to find the best availability. When traveling abroad, she will also consider your current location.

Can I use Julie with all my email addresses?

Yes. Just let Julie know all the email addresses you want to use to contact her.

Can Julie manage all my calendars?

Julie creates your events in the calendar of your choice and takes into account as many calendars as you want to compute your availabilities.

Can Julie use my own company domain name?

Of course. This feature is available with Manager, Executive and Enterprise plans. You can set Julie’s domain name to: “”. That way, she will really become one of your coworkers ;)

How can my company benefit from JulieDesk?

Our Enterprise plan starts with 3 licences. Please contact us for any request.

Privacy at Julie Desk

What about my data?

We apply a very strict privacy policy. For more details, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Payment and Trial

How much does Julie cost?

Julie costs between $100 and $200 (excluding VAT) per month and per user. Learn more about the pricing here. You will benefit from a 30-day free trial to appreciate the value of our service.

Can I switch plan?

Yes. You can change plan at anytime

What are my payment options?

You can pay monthly by credit card or annual which save you a 15%.

Do I have to enter my payment options to start a free trial?

No, we don't ask for payment information to start a free trial.

How does the trial period work?

The trial give you access to the same features as paid plans. You don't have to download or install anything. Just need to give Julie access to your calendar and fill in the preference form. Eddy, our account manager, will be in touch with you during the trial to make sure you get the most out of it.

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