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How AI Transforms Organization at Work

Data collection, and their analysis with the help of Artificial Intelligence are making work more productive and efficient each day. But soon AI will become more autonomous and more demanding.

Not a day passes without progress in the artificial intelligence sector as it slowly becomes mainstream. There are those who are alarmed the whole thing will bring about unemployment for all.

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5 myths about employee experience [White Paper]

Enhancing employee experience has been a subject at the heart of company strategies in recent years. But what does it really mean? Is it just a fad, or does it mean a real change?

To answer these questions, we went over 5 myths about employee experience with the help of 5 human resources experts:

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More than remuneration: How to enhance employee experience to build loyalty?

A 2015 survey conducted by OpinionWay revealed that one in two French salaried workers dream about leaving their company and that half of the time, they would leave for a salary raise. In light of these results, one question deserves to be asked: is it really possible to enhance employee experience and build loyalty in ways other than simply giving them more money?

Employee loyalty: a major issue for companies

A successful employee experience proves that building loyalty and trust with employees is worth a company’s time.. Why? Good employee experience is good for both your business and your brand.

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What does the digital transformation mean for the future of work and HR?

The world around us is changing quickly. Things have sped up in the last 20 years, thanks to the arrival of new technology. “These changes are referred to as a digital transformation.” Whether it’s the internet, with its unlimited capacity to give anyone the ability to communicate (wherever and whenever) or its channels: smartphones tablets, the cloud, big data, artificial intelligence, connected objects and blockchain, in the last two decades, man has seen more innovative technology than it has in the entire history of humanity. These changes have an immediate impact on the way we think about work, the relationships we have with our employers and most importantly, human resources.

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Applying marketing concepts to employee experience and “well-being” at work

In an article recently published on Linkedin, Aude Sibuet, Manager at Angie, critiques recent media coverage of “well-being at work.” Yoga classes and fresh fruit have been depicted as THE way to enhance employee experience, but that’s just a pretty picture. If you peel the paint away, you’ll see what’s really going on.

For some time there’s been this idea that companies should put aside cookie-cutter solutions like the one above and propose personalized solutions, whether they’re for employees or clients. Marketing departments have been working on this for years, building targeting solutions and automated marketing to personalize experiences.

So, what lessons can HR take from marketers to enhance employee experience?