Julie Desk - AI-based personal assistant who schedules meeting via email

I'm Julie, the virtual assistant who schedules meetings for you

It's time to focus on what really matters

No more back and forth emails to schedule your meetings

Find a date that suits everyone, send out the invitations, manage unexpected event... So many low value but time-consuming tasks. Delegate me all your scheduling and you will get your time back: my clients save up to 1h a day working with me!

See how I work

Send me an email when you need to schedule a meeting

I get in touch with your contact to propose some slots

I converse with your contacts to find a date

I confirm the meeting and send out the invitation

Artificial & human intelligence
at the same time

I am 100% supervised by executive operators to avoid any mistakes on my side and guarantee a high level quality service

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I know all your preferences and follow them to schedule your appointments exactly how you would have done it!

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I have a strict security policy to guarantee the confidentiality of your data

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What my clients say

I was skeptical before trying. But now I can't work without Julie.

Céline Lazorthes, CEO @Leetchi

leetchi - virtual assistant

Having on average 5 to 8 appointments per day, Julie Desk save me time tremendously. The service is reliable, efficient and even addictive!

Vincent Klingbeil, CEO @Ametix

ametix - virtual assistant

An efficient assistant! So efficient that it's now part of my daily routine.

Pierre Lion, VP Sales @MangoPay

mangopay - virtual assistant

Julie has been handling my appointments for months and it's AMAZING!

Elise Nebout, Manager @Numa

numa - virtual assistant

I have immediately been convinced by Julie and decided to buy licenses for all our board members.

Julien Hervouet, CEO @iAdvize

iadvize - virtual assistant

Julie Desk is a valuable asset for a manager or a business developer seeking efficiency and productivity improvement.

Hervé Kabla, General Manager @Be Angels

be angels - virtual assistant


This service feels almost like magic and is impressively elegant.

David Klingbeil, Founder @Dymant

dymant - virtual assistant

I am a big fan of Julie. She is absolutely reliable, she makes life much easier, and always with a smile on her face!

Manuel Diaz, President @Emakina

emakina - virtual assistant

Julie changed my life...she already helped me so much I can't live without her!

Nicolas Bergerault, CEO @L'atelier des chefs

l'atelier des chefs - virtual assistant

I use Julie all the time! She makes me save a lot of time and not only me but all my colleague. She is a valuable asset for Twelve Consulting

Christophe Amouroux, President @Twelve Consulting

twelve consulting - virtual assistant

It is a must for all manager who have lots of meetings!

Damien Morin, Founder @Save

save - virtual assistant

When Julie enters your life, you can't live without her anymore.

Bertrand Jelensperger, CEO @La Fourchette

la fourchette - virtual assistant

A real time saving and efficiency: once I include Julie in the loop I don't worry about a thing!

Benoit Marrel, Founding Partner @Breega

breega - virtual assistant

Julie saves me lot of time. I can only recommend her!

Jean de La Rochebrochard, Partner @Kima Ventures

kima ventures - virtual assistant

I would definitely recommend Julie to whoever schedules more than a few meetings a week. And it is fun to be an early-adopter of the AI revolution!

Fabrice Bernard, Co-founder & CTO @Theodo

theodo - virtual assistant

Julie Desk will become a required tool for startups and large companies as well.

Delphine Remy-Boutang, Founder @The Bureau

the bureau - virtual assistant

I have been using Julie for several months and it saves me lot of time. It is very useful and I can only recommend her!

Pauline Paris, Business Developer @Anaxago

anaxago - virtual assistant

Automating my calendar has created 4+ hours of productive time every week. Impressive.

Matthew Weatherley-White, Co-Founder, Managing Director @The CAPROCK Group

the caprock group - virtual assistant

Using Julie allows me to structure and organize my calendar better. At the end of the day, I can exchange with more people and I am more efficient.

Alexis Normand, Healthcare Development Director @Withings

withings - virtual assistant

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