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JulieDesk, on one hand, assure the flawless organization and management of your appointments directly in your calendar. On the other hand, Juliedesk’s team is offering Digital Communication and Social media management services that are 100% adapted to your business.

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Social Media Management

Improving your online presence

Increasing your online visibility

Publication of exclusive contents on social media

Personal Assistant Services

Working hours: available 24/7

Meeting scheduling automation & agenda management

Choose from our 3 offers: Teddy, Violetta & Julie

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Teddy, Violetta & Julie

The future of personal assistance

Our fantastic PA team; Teddy, Violetta, and Julie will help you gain time by taking over your scheduling processes and agenda management. Starting from a 100% automated tool through a more personalized and sophisticated solution, our team makes sure you will find the most suitable solution to your needs.

Our team

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social media expert?


social media expert

Paul and his team will help you manage and improve your digital communication via different tools; LinkedIn, Facebook, Google My Business. As the master of social media, Paul’s team will handle your online strategy in order to help you acquire valuable SQL and of course, new customers.


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