Teddy contacts your prospects by email!

Teddy is our virtual collaborator in charge of your lead generation campaigns. Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), he helps you identify your target clients on the web and social networks (LinkedIn). He then contacts them and updates your CRM for better performance monitoring.

For HR and Sales teams

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Target identification

Communicate your preferred target audience to Teddy, and he'll take care of finding them on the web and following them on social networks!


Contact by email

Teddy uses the very latest growth hacking techniques to get in touch with your targets by email. He acts in sequence on a prospecting model defined and follows-up with them to get an answer.

Interactions with your targets

According to your preferences, Teddy can independently answer the questions frequently asked by your targets before arranging an appointment, deciding on a location or making changes to your schedule...


Interfacing with your CRM

You won't lose any of the work done by Teddy and his team! Each email is inserted into your CRM, the status of each contact is updated in a pipeline defined by yourself and a personalised monitoring dashboard can be offered to your teams.




per month minimum

for Automatic solution lovers

Target identification

Interaction and follow-up by email

Answering questions from your leads

Interfacing with your CRM

Ready to work with Teddy?

All you have to do is get in touch with Teddy and his team. Let's have a quick 15 minutes chat to discuss your needs and make a personalised quote!

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