Hello, I'm Teddy!

A 100% AI-based solution, destined to help HR and Sales teams optimize their scheduling processes. Do you have to handle high-volume 1-1 meetings? Teddy is the right choice for you! Time-slot propositions, follow-ups, event creations...Let Teddy take care of all this so you can focus on more important tasks.

For HR and Sales teams

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Immediate time-slot proposal

You only have to CC teddy@juliedesk.com in your emails and use a simple command-line :

@Teddy, please send my availabilities to Joe.


Automatic follow-up

In case none of the proposed slots were picked by your contact, Teddy will re-launch the request for these 1-1 meetings and send new availabilities.

You can follow the status of your meetings in your dashboard at any moment.

A glitch in the matrix?

As he is a 100% AI based tool, it can happen that he won’t understand a query.

Don’t worry, in this case he will come back to you for confirmation and will ask to rephrase the demand.


Do you still need convincing?

If your interlocutor does not see any convenient time-slots, Teddy will automatically insert a link to a page with all your availability.

This saves precious time from going back and forth with your interlocutor.




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1-1 meetings

Immediate time proposals

Appointment dashboard

100% AI

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