Hello, I'm Violetta!

Violetta is the High-end virtual assistant of our PA team. Your contacts won't even know they're communicating with an artificial intelligence solution. Are you a managing small or medium sized company or maybe you are the manager of a larger group and need multiple licenses? Violetta is made for you!

Ideal for financial and liberal professionals

Discover Violetta!

Meeting management

Need to reorganize, cancel or postpone your meetings? Any reservations to add to your calendar? Forward the confirmation of your scheduled events and Violetta takes care of the rest.

No technical installation needed

No installation, no software, no training… Violetta is immediately operational! For even more realistic experience, you can personalize Violetta's email in the name of your company (ex: violetta@yourdomain.com).

A tailor-made virtual assistant

By using the latest machine learning technologies, Violetta understands and learns your preferences. Preferred time slots for meetings, automatic virtual meeting creations, timezone of your interlocutors…. You can even personalize his signature to make him a real colleague in his own right.

You can further personalize the experience by creating her a title, signature and an email address with your company’s domain.

NLP backed conversations

No need to adapt your email communication while working with Violetta, NLP helps her to fully understand and interpret your messages. Allowing her to perfectly communicate in both EN and FR.




per user per month

FOR entreprise

No engagement

5 days free trial

Multiple users

Human supervisor team

Are you ready to work with Violetta?

You made the right choice :) To get the most out of JulieDesk's services, all you need to do is get in touch with our team! They will allow you to get to know Violetta and set up your account.

Once the account is set up, you will be able to benefit from a 5-day free trial with Violetta!

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