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My name is Julie!

A totally bilingual agent who manages your appointments and calendar! Focus on the essentials and trust Julie to manage your meetings.

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Hello, I am Teddy !

This virtual agent approaches your prospects by emailing them for you! He also follows-up until they respond and updates your CRM accordingly.

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And I am Violetta !

This virtual agent answers incoming emails from your clients for you! A client postpones, cancels or wishes to confirm an appointment? Violetta’s got you covered!




per month minimum


English / French

5 days Free Trial

24/7 appointment

A virtual agent combined with AI




per month minimum

for Automatic solution lovers

Target identification

Interaction and follow-up by email

Answering questions from your leads

Interfacing with your CRM




per month minimum

FOR entreprise

Personalised emails

Connection to your site / software

Pre defined Templates

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Monthly subscription

Paypal - Visa - Mastercard - Amex

No commitment 1st month

You can test our agents without obligation for the 1st month.


Personal information encrypted (256-bit SSL)

FOR entreprise

Single invoice with a dedicated account manager?

In case you would like to introduce Julie Desk services to multiple team members, we create one single invoice for the whole team. Plus, we assign an account manager who will gladly handle any questions you might have.

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