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Solo Executive

200€/ month

Single user licence



0€/ year

What’s included?

  • Scheduling requests Schedule, cancel, postpone meetings or update your calendar
  • Preference settings Time slots, duration, favorite places for meetings...
  • Julie@yourcompany.comA personalized email address and a customized signature!
  • Multi-calendar Sync all your calendars (Google, iCloud, Office365, Exchange)
  • French & English Send me requests in French or English, I am completely bilingual!
  • Weekly recap Each Monday, you receive a recap of your meetings
  • Automatic follow-up For contacts who didn't get back to me
  • Circle of Trust Include people who can directly request meetings with you
  • Restaurant Booking I book your favorite restaurants/bar for your meetings
  • Meeting room booking Only for Google or Office 365 resources
  • Free/Busy scheduling I read your colleagues’ status in shared calendars (only for Exchange and Office 365)
  • Support Phone and email support

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Any doubt? Check our FAQ

    • How long is the Solo Executive free trial?

      The free trial lasts 15 days. It takes about 10 requests to get use to my service, so send me a request ASAP :)
    • How does the trial period work?

      The Solo Executive free trial gives you access to the same features as Enterprise plans except the customized Julie alias (, meeting room booking and free/busy scheduling.
    • Do I need to pay for a year up for Enterprise plans?

      Yes. Enterprise plans are billed annualy. Only the Solo Executive Plan is a monthly plan.
    • What if I use all my requests?

      Every month you'll receive an invoice with the number of requests you used. If it's below what's included in your plan, you won't be charged. If it's above, you'll be charged what you consumed. Note that one request is any meeting scheduled, canceled, postponed or any calendar updates. Contact our team to know more about it.
    • Do you offer help desk services?

      You can contact our help desk via Email and phone. Our support team is available from 9:30 am - 6:30 pm UTC +1
Ines Vanlangendonck
Anyone who often needs to gather people can make good use of Julie Desk. And now is an excellent time to start using an AI solution, to see what all the fuss is about and participate in the creation and evolution of good AI solutions!
Michael Ferranti
VP Marketing
I travel intensively and I found it extremely hellish to manage my meetings scheduling process while taking into account time zones. I’ve been using the service for almost 2 years now and I have complete trust in Julie. When I send her a request, I know it will be handled properly and I will not be disappointed with the final result.

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