Meet Paul, your new social media manager

Paul is the “king” of social networks, the expert you need in your team to increase your visibility on digital.

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What can Paul do for you?

He takes charge of (or creates) your professional pages (linkedin, instagram, facebook) and publishes exclusive content for you on a weekly basis. He also takes care of the management and optimization of your paid digital advertising campaigns.

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Posts and Paid campaigns
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Generate leads around you




per month

Online Social Media Management

10 posts/month (creation - pictures, # and texts - & integration)

Or 1 paid campaign (Facebook or Linkedin)

Interested in Paul’s skills?

Don't hesitate to book a 15 min time-slot, so we could discuss your business needs and to show you what exactly has to be published in order to acquire new clients.

What's the key to improving online visibility ?

A combination of content, publicity and popularity. How can our services guarantee all these?

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Social Media Management

Improve your networking, gain more visibility, and better communicate with your audience. How? By posting relevant content to your existing and new followers by publishing efficient social media posts on a regular basis.

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Lead Generation

Paul and his team will create a series of publications that share a single idea and theme to make up a growth hacking campaign, entirely focusing on enlarging your audience and customer base.

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